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Auto Tint Company in San Antonio TX

For the last decade, our company has served customers as a professional and reliable auto tint company. Customers call on the expertise of our trained team when it comes to making beneficial upgrades for their vehicles. As an auto tint company, we provide the tools and services you need to customize your car and make it everything you want it to be.

During our 10 years in business, the staff at our auto tint company has gained a reputation for being honest and fair. We have garnered a positive reputation supported by loyal local customers.

Should I Tint My Car Windows?

"Should I tint my car window?" is a common question that many vehicle owners face. Whether your car has no window tint at all, or the old tinting is beginning to flake and peel, the experts at our company are more than qualified to handle the job. Time and time again, our auto tint company has seen the effects of tint-free windows. We guarantee you'll have more benefits and save more money in the long run by investing in this service.

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Additional Benefits of Window Tinting

Besides making your car look sleek and adding value to the vehicle at the same time, window tinting can protect you from the harmful effects of harsh ultraviolet light from the sun. Ride around in style all day long and never worry about adverse effects of sunlight on your skin.                  

We know that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a lopsided sunburn, so let us tint your windows today. Customers also tell us that security tinting adds to theft protection by making the car windows more durable.

 Another benefit of tinting the windows of your vehicle is heat control. No one wants to enter their car after it has been sitting in a hot parking lot and deal with extreme temperatures. Our window tinting keeps everything nice and cool for your ride home!


Trust Our Window Tint Company

Not only does our company offer window tinting for vehicles, but we also act as a window tint company for your properties. Residential and commercial properties alike can take advantage of our professional window tinting services. For lowered energy costs and cooler rooms, you won't regret using our window tint company.

5 Steps To Cheap Car Insurance

We all know that car insurance is compulsory, but it's not necessary to pay more than you have to. A few simple steps combined with some time surfing for cheap car insurance rates really can save you hundreds.


The size of your car insurance premium is directly related to the risk you pose to the insurance company. So the easiest way to cut your premiums is to accept a higher voluntary excess. An insurer's standard excess may be £100; but if you meet the first $250 of any claim, you'll see a reduction in your premium. This is because you're taking on more of the risk so you get a discount. But it's a gamble, be aware that you might have to meet the cost of a broken window after an attempted theft, then a bill for repairing bodywork damage after a car park crunch.


Another sure way of reducing the risk and, therefore the premium, is by fitting approved security devices. All major US insurers insist on Thatcham rated security equipment, usually a minimum of an alarm. If you live in a high-risk area for car crime, it makes sense to fit extra security such as an immobiliser and alarm. Not only does it save you money when your insurance renewal is due but it gives you extra peace of mind every time you park up your car.


If your annual mileage is low, 5,000 miles or less, ask insurers if they offer discounts for agreed mileage restrictions.


Including a named driver on your policy can increase or reduce your premiums depending upon the named drivers age, sex and driving record. A young named driver will increase your premiums, particularly with a limited or poor driving record. However, adding a driver over 30 years old with a long and clean driving record can cut premiums by up to 15%, particularly if the named driver is female!


Simply shopping around will reward you with the biggest savings. There can be massive differences between the lowest and highest car insurance quotes for exactly the same car and driver(s). Start off using good comparative online car insurance quote sites like American Insurance, take their best quotes and go direct to the cheapest insurers for more specific quotations.

Additional Auto Services–San Antonio TX–Helotes TX–Boerne TX–Schertz TX

In addition to our window tinting, our valued customers can also take advantage of the other auto services we provide in San Antonio, TX. These auto services include:

 Paint Protection 
 AV Systems 
 GPS Trackers 
 Security Systems & Alarms 
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